6" x 4" index cards

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I have been looking for an app like yours, i have thousands of index cards with information and i want to digitise them, and enter new cards info online and print them as a back up.

your card template is a 5" x 3" which has a header and 9 lines for text, but all of my system is based on 6" x 4" cards which have a Header and 13 lines of text.

Do you have any plans to add a 6" x 4" option to your App? If you do then your app is perfect for me, otherwise it is probably not good enough...

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Thanks for your question.

Our template is 5x3” but actually its more the proportion: 5 by 3.  It is correct that a card in 6x4 would be distorted.

Please note that you can change the font size which also changes the lines height automatically so as you can see here I adjusted the font smaller a little.

We don’t have plans to add 6x4 (or other) anytime soon since the complexity of handling different ratios and then displaying that is a very big job.  Its on our board but unlikely to be addressed for a while.




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