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Linda shared this question 2 months ago
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I have 2 issues.

1) When I want to flip a card when editing it first goes to the previous card with the arrows, then I have to go back to the card i'm editing and then I can flip the card.

2) The second one is when I flip the card this way, I have to click on the card before I can edit it. Is it possible that it automatically can be edited like when you use CRTL N for the frontside?

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Hi Linda thanks for the support request.

that does not sound right! when you use the flip icon it only flips the card. i think there is something wrong clearly.

please follow the following steps to reinstall the app - if you continue to have problems we'll setup a remote session to diagnose!

1) Create a backup first by going into Settings /Backup and then click 'Save to File'. Save this to your desktop. It will be called localstore.db This is your data.

2) Uninstall the app and then download from store again.

3) Either 1 of the following 2 options below:

a) IF you have already been syncing to cloud then when the app is re-installed follow the instructions to sync your data - it will download your data from the cloud. You will login and the app will automatically download data. after a few minutes all data will be restored.


b) IF you have NOT been syncing data to cloud then restore your data file by going back to Settings/Backup, select 'Restore from File' and choose the localstore.db file that you just saved previously.




I think I didn't explain it clearly enough. Sorry.

What I ment was, that when I flip the card, it is not automatically ready to type. I have to click in the note field to get it "ready".

In the mean time I have found a workaround for both the issues. I have to use the TAB button before I flip the card and then 2 times more to get the field "ready".


ah, i see!

hmm. we'll take a look and see if we can improve this usability!




That would be great. It looks to me that it would be more intuitive if you can flip it with a button and can type immediately

But other than this it works great!


ok, so tried it. so the reason why we did not (yet) do this, is that not everyone is intending to type - if you are using the pen it won't be 'sensing' that you will use the pen. so its a bit of a trade off.

now, what we might be able to do is to have a preference setting in the app, so keyboard power users like you can set the flip behavior to be 'text ready'