Batch export single cards with front and back to multiple PDFs

Markus A shared this idea 3 months ago
Future Consideration

Since I love to study from my mobile (which is no windows device so it can't run Index Cards), I do export my Cards to my cloud and work with images or PDF from my cards from there.

For these reasons I think it would be practical to have every card in a single PDF of witch everyone contains the front and the back. I know I could export every card manually but it is clumsy and very time consuming when you have to export a lot of them.

So I thought a batch export function would be lovely for this.

What do yout think?

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Hi Markus,

thanks very much for your suggestion!

I think what you suggest is a good idea, and we will add to our to-do list. However, perhaps even better, we are actively working on our mobile support! We will soon be launching the cloud sync capability, which will allow data to be synchronized to our secure data cloud. Then shortly afterwards, we will be releasing a way for you to view your cards on a mobile phone. We hope to have this ready in the next 1-2 months. stay tuned! thanks, Prem