Literally hours and hours and hours of glossary cards with missing info!!!

Shannon-Rose Vickers shared this problem 11 months ago

I used the pen tool to write it out in the box that translates it to text and SO MUCH OF MY DEFINITIONS ARE GONE!! I worked my ass off to have this all done before my surgery tomorrow, so that my fam could help me by just reading out these definitions to me and where all this work was there and saved one day.... literally the NEXT DAY - SO MUCH OF IT IS GONE!! I was going to write with a lowkey negative feedback. How I didn't like how I would choose a font for it to change at any moment, randomly. Same with the bold function. I would paste a sentence and it would be bold all of a sudden. Also, you can't just post a picture clip. It has to take up the whole card which doesn't work for me. I wasn't going to complain at all. But as I said, HOURS AND HOURS OF MY LIFE WRITING OUT THESE CARDS HAVE LITERALLY VANISHED. I'm thankful it's not "everything". But honestly. I'm in study mode and I literally gave away my paper index cards for this option which I now REGRET. Hours of writing wouldn't have vanished off of paper index cards

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Hi Shannon-Rose,

I'm very sorry to hear that this happened. we've never heard of such a situation before. truly sorry you had such a bad experience with our app. we will investigate. again, apologies if this affected your studies, and best wishes for your recovery. sincerely, Prem.