Option to have double width tags

Prem shared this idea 19 months ago
Future Consideration

or tabs autostretch for longer tag titles

potentially allow to design tag - width, font size

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Prem: I really don't care if it is double width or higher. As I mentioned to you before I just can't read the tags unless I put my face right up against the computer. I'm really not Blind I can see quit well. Just can't read the tags. Your and your team are doing a great job. My favorite program on my computer. Ron B Michigan


Hey Ron - could you send me a screenshot? you know it might be something with the zoom settings on your screen - which could be quick short term fix. but we will keep working on the idea! not forgotten :) thanks Prem



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I don’t know if this will hold the size when you get it.  If it does, this is what I see when opening cards.  Thanks Ron B