Position of the "Flip card" button

Stefan Mann shared this idea 4 months ago

Hi Prem,

There was a change recently of the positioning of the icons on the right side of the card, right?

In my point of view, the position of the "flip card" button on the 3rd position is a bit counter-intuitive because all the other buttons are for editing the layout (color, background) of the card, the flip card button is for turning the card itself...

I would prefer that this button is more separated from the other buttons, at least at the end maybe...

Just an idea.

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good comment and something i have also been thinking about- should this be at top of the list or bottom - i think you are right and we should put it at the bottom. we will do this.


we've just changed this and its in a new release that you can download tonight!


Thanks a lot! :-)