Printing does not work well with PDF

Alan shared this problem 8 months ago

I bought the pro version so I could also print these out to the Avery index cards. When printing, it goes to print preview. When printed, all the index cards text is blurry. I verified in the app and it's fine, it is only when printing. Basically, a lot of ruined cards. PDF export isn't much better. Also, there is no way to 'duplex' these. It prints the back of the cards on another page, but no way to tell your printer to duplex it.

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Hi Alan,

sorry for this. its hard to figure out printing, as you can see :)

I will double check that the printing is not coming out blurry from our app itself, i'll do a print test this weekend.

it _might_ be the print settings (e.g. draft mode, best quality etc) that you have to configure on the printer settings when you get the print dialog box.

it does depend on the printer that you have, and if it supports duplex printing. if it does not then the best way is to insert only sheet first, let it print that and then re-insert it.

happy to help more, let me know if you can send me any screenshot of your print settings





I have the same Problem and the Blurrying is coming from the App because as soon as i view the PDF in the app its Blurry. I also have the Pro Version.

I hope you can Fix this as soon as Possible.



hi, thanks for the picture and additional information.

we'll see what we can do!

many thanks