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Bobby shared this question 6 months ago
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There is a Topic regarding "alphabetizing" cards in a stack, with the answer: "Yes, in the Pro version you can sort the cards in a stack by title, date or order."

However, there are limitations in that answer that would be very helpful to overcome:

Sorting by "Title": Allow Sorting on the first characters of a card's Notes field, in addition to the Title field. By design, the app limits amount of data entry in the Title field. Cluttering it with data needed to sort as desired is very limiting.

For example, if one wants to sort by user-created date info, such as 2020-01-11, that's a big chunk of the Title field used-up. But, if this could be typed at the start of the Notes field, there's plenty of room on the remainder of the card for other data.

Sorting by "Date": IIRC, this means the app's card-creation date, not a user-defined date. It would be very helpful to have a user-editable Date field. This would allow sorting by, for example, appointment dates typed on cards.

The Sort Menu has an entry "Original". This is nondescript and confusing. Original what? From trial and error, it seems to mean “manual” or “drag/drop”. Perhaps the name should be changed.

It seems the app only sorts and displays horizontally, from left to right. Would be very helpful to have the option to sort and display cards vertically, in columns, including manually dragging and dropping into columns rather than rows (and having it be a "sticky" setting). For example:

card 1 ..... card 6 ..... card 11

card 2 ..... card 7 ..... card 12

card 3 ..... card 8 ..... card 13

card 4 ..... card 9

card 5 ..... card 10


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Hi Bobby

thanks very much for your comments on sorting and views.

Re. sort by data in notes field, that would be rather complex due to the amount of text - we'll have to think how to implement that.

can i ask how you are using the cards - meaning for what application? it would help to understand the context you are working in. e.g learning, writing etc.

regarding different views- it is something we have on our to-do list for later but we are currently working on other items including cloud sync which we hope to release soon.