stacks don't upload to onedrive properly

Jasmine Molina shared this problem 9 months ago
In Progress

i am unable to upload my stacks to one drive. I've tried both share and save as but i always receive the same message that its unable to upload. It's after the 5th time I've tried that it is successful. this has been happening for a couple weeks now

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H Jasmine,

so yes, the OneDrive sync is a bit problematic and we are working on a solution.

However, what you need to do is just leave the app open - it will eventually upload - sometimes the message says it has not fully uploaded but it will have.

we are working on our cloud-sync function which will mean we can remove the onedrive method, so please hold on - in a few weeks we hope to release that!

Also don't forget you can do a manual back up in the settings, in case you want to.