Type in the 4 Corners of a Card?

Bobby shared this question 7 months ago

When inking on a card, one can write anywhere. Would like to be able to TYPE anywhere. Is there a way to do that? Particularly, would like to be able to type in the four corners of a card: top left and right in Title field, and bottom left and right in Notes field.

Have poor handwriting, so prefer to type rather than ink. As well, can search typed text but not ink.

Thank you.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback.

No, not at this time - you can't type anywhere (easily) - theoretically you could by using lots of spaces but i don't think that is what you want. You are asking more for how OneNote can drop in a text block i think.

searching for ink is hard - especially as you say you have poor handwriting :) we're working on a lot of backend/data improvements right now.

tell me - what use-case means you are looking to put text in the 4 corners? do let me know so i can understand what your goal is.




Hi Prem. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yes, similar to placing OneNote containers at the 4 corners of a larger container (virtual index card). The purpose is to use the app in accordance with the the "Note Card System", which can be seen here:


Being able to search/filter by the typed text in the corners would be huge. Can't do that with ink, hence this Topic Question.

Also, when can file synching across multiple machines be expected? Often I am making changes on a desktop and 2 different Surface Pro machines, and do not find the OneDrive backup workaround helpful. Changes get lost and I cannot trust it. This is a major reason I use the app much less than would like to, and why referrals don't buy the app. True synch like OneNote would be a major improvement to the app's usefulness.


Hi Bobby,

oh this is very helpful, now I understand what you are trying to do. Thanks for sharing this link.

so it would be quite hard for us to enable the one-note type solution, and to be honest now that i see what you are looking to do we can perhaps design this into the app in a future version and make dedicated fields for these fields in a 'notecardsystem' view option you could choose in the app.

regarding sync - its coming - soon - we have got 95% of it working and are testing. we have found a few items still to work on but i think we will be ready for our initial release in the next 2 weeks or so. so not long now! thanks for your patience. the good news is once we release we've also been working on the mobile read-only versions for ios and android, so hopefully that will make up for the long wait on this!




Big thumbs-up to Prem! Thanks for actively responding and standing behind your product!


:) and thank you for using it!