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John White shared this idea 12 months ago

I have a PC and a laptop is it OK to use on both computers or do I need 2 Licenses, and can I update one PC from the other using WiFi or external drive.


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hi John

if you are using the same Microsoft store account then you don't need 2 licenses, you can use the same license;

we are currently working on cloud sync, so until then you will have to 'save to file' the database from one machine and restore to the other. its a bit cumbersome but hope in a few weeks we can have cloud version released!


Hi John,

I'm happy to report that we have completed this work! Before it goes into full release I'm looking for a few users to 'kick the tires' as it were and beta test the new sync function. If you are interested please let me know and I'll send more information.

Thank you,



Hi Prem

I'd also be interested in kicking the tires. I've just bought a Samsung Galaxy Book S that doesn't support pen input. I've still got my old Galaxy Book. So, I'd love to get out my old tablet and do index cards but be able to view them on my new computer.

Also, any plans for an Android version?


Hey folks -

We are currently now in public beta testing on the windows - to - windows cloud sync - if you would like to join the beta test just email at and i'll send you instructions.

we are also working on android and ios apps - right now we have both apps in our internal alpha testing as 'read only' apps - where you will create on the windows device and view on mobile. once we release that we will follow up with edit capabilities but that will be a while longer as its much more complex.