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2 votes

Pictures keep deleting themselves

Being Investigated Guest Comments: 10 Reply 12 days ago by Prem
15 votes

Batch export single cards with front and back to multiple PDFs

Future Consideration Markus A. Comments: 1 Reply 15 days ago by Prem
3 votes

Poor resolution of pictures

Known SH Y. Comments: 1 Reply 32 days ago by Prem
2 votes

Make the PDF export text based to be searchable and highlightable

Future Consideration RJ Comments: 1 Reply 52 days ago by Prem
3 votes

When editing, card doesn't flip properly

Solved Kevin F. Comments: 2 Reply 56 days ago by Prem
5 votes

Improved study / shuffle mode

Completed Prem Comments: 3 Reply 57 days ago by Prem
14 votes

auto flip index cards in a stack with adjustable timer

Planned Steven M. Comments: 3 Reply 2 months ago by Prem
3 votes


Need Answer Bob W. Comments: 3 Reply 2 months ago by Prem
7 votes
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