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Audio file

Planned Gordon G. 16 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

6" x 4" index cards

Planned Skull G. Comments: 1 Reply 13 days ago by Prem
2 votes

Create Mobile version - iOS and/or Android

Planned Prem Comments: 4 Reply 14 days ago by Exam P.
10 votes

logging in

Planned Jo M. Comments: 6 Reply 33 days ago by Prem
1 vote

Die Anzahl an Stapel kann nicht über 6 erhöht werden

Planned Lena M. Comments: 4 Reply 34 days ago by Lena M.
2 votes

Position of the "Flip card" button

Completed Stefan M. Comments: 3 Reply 34 days ago by Stefan M.
4 votes

cards wont load

Planned Guest Comments: 8 Reply 35 days ago by Prem
7 votes

android app info

Planned Robert H. Comments: 10 Reply 41 days ago by Robert H.
5 votes

Lost cards! Please help

Planned Petra T. Comments: 8 Reply 41 days ago by Prem
3 votes
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