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Cloud Sync

In Progress Prem Comments: 2 Reply 15 months ago by Prem
19 votes

use on more than 1 pc

Planned John W. Comments: 4 Reply 3 months ago by Prem
17 votes

Improved study / shuffle mode

Completed Prem Comments: 3 Reply 9 months ago by Prem
14 votes

Add scrollbar to card

Future Consideration Prem Comments: 4 Reply 12 months ago by Prem
13 votes

Improved picture handling, formatting, position

Completed Prem Comments: 1 Reply 11 months ago by Prem
12 votes

Add undo function

Planned Prem 15 months ago No Comments
12 votes

Card Spaced Repetition mode

Future Consideration Prem Comments: 1 Reply 13 months ago by KarlH
12 votes

ink to text option

Planned Guest Comments: 1 Reply 10 months ago by Prem
12 votes

Auto-reduce font size when text exceeds card size

Future Consideration Prem 16 months ago No Comments
10 votes

Create Mobile version - iOS and/or Android

Planned Prem Comments: 4 Reply 14 days ago by Exam P.
10 votes
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