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Automatic type backside

Need Answer Linda Comments: 5 Reply 16 days ago by Prem
1 vote

Is there a mobile version? iOS and/or Android?

Answered Prem Comments: 2 Reply 33 days ago by Prem
23 votes

Is there a key short command to add a new card?

Answered Patrick D. Comments: 5 Reply 2 months ago by Prem
8 votes

Moving Index cards to another Laptop

Answered Guest Comments: 1 Reply 2 months ago by Prem
3 votes

Licence policy

Answered Sean C. Comments: 3 Reply 3 months ago by Prem
1 vote

Sorting Cards in a Stack

Need Answer Bobby Comments: 1 Reply 4 months ago by Prem
2 votes

Type in the 4 Corners of a Card?

Answered Bobby Comments: 5 Reply 5 months ago by Prem
1 vote


Need Answer Bob W. Comments: 3 Reply 10 months ago by Prem
11 votes

Can you change the card size to 4 x 6?

Need Answer Amy M. Comments: 1 Reply 11 months ago by Prem
10 votes
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